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Dr. Green was extremely informative about the procedure and equally pleasant to be able to talk during and after the procedure. My experience was an overall great one.

The doctor was very thorough and explained everything he was going to do in detail. I highly recommend him!

10/28/20, 11:23 am

Customer Service, Environment, Other, Quality, Wait TimeVery personal attention, and Dr Green explained what he was doing each step of the way. Very impressed!

11/3/20, 4:53 pm

Customer ServiceDr. Justin Green. Super nice Explained things, when I asked questions. Told me what to expect.

Dorothy B. Boulder, CO

Dr. Green correctly diagnosed my wrists with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and recommended a competent surgeon who remedied my problem. Not only am I grateful for Dr. Greene's thorough medical analysis of my symptoms, I found him to be once of the nicest doctors I've ever met.


I highly recommend Dr. Green. I started seeing Dr. Green in 2013, after I was involved in a taxi accident. He was so instrumental in correctly diagnosing my neck and shoulder injuries and concussion. It took more than three years to work through the work comp/personal injury process. I reached Maximum Medical Improvement in 2016 after MANY doctors, treatment protocols, and two shoulder surgeries. Dr. Green made all of the difference in my recovery!! I have continued seeing Dr. Green for follow-up treatments. He is consistent, thorough, kind and a talented physiatrist. I am grateful for his dedication and support.

Dr. Green was very knowledgeable and patient. It was nice to not have the typical “rush-in/rush-out” doctor’s visit where it’s so short that you forget everything you wanted to ask. Also loved the small company vibe (I believe it’s just Dr. Green and a lovely woman who runs the administrative side of the business?). Would definitely recommend.

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  • Justin D. Green

    Dr. Green received his undergraduate degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder, in 1983.  He earned his medical degree in 1987 from Hahnemann University Medical School......Learn more about the doctor here.


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